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                          20-Hour Firearm Course

                                                Criminal law
Use of deadly force
Unlawful use of weapons
Carrying / transporting weapons
Firearm Control Card (FCC) & IDFPR requirements
Types of handguns
Parts of revolver and semi-automatic handguns
Firearms and safety Cleaning and Maintenance
Storage Accessories
Pre-range instructions
Shooting Stance
Sight alignment
Breath control
Trigger squeeze
Supervised range instruction 

20-Hour Basic Security Officer Course

      Content covered in 20-hours of classroom instruction:

  • The law of arrest, search and seizure as it applies to private security 
  • Civil and criminal liability for acts related to private security 

The use of force

  • Arrest and control techniques the elements of offenses under the Criminal Code of 2012 directly related to the protection of persons and property
  • The law on private security forces and on reporting to law enforcement agencies
  • Fire prevention, fire equipment, and fire safety
  • The procedures for report writing
  • Civil rights and public relations
  • The identification of terrorists, acts of terrorism and terrorist organizations, as defined by federal and State statutes 
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