Class Schedule
 Part 1 for the Illinois Concealed Carry Courses consist of the 1st eight hours of training. Part 2 is the next eight hours of training. If paying in full ($175.00) for both parts, please click below.
Find your course, then click on hours and fees to reserve your seat!
* Important* If registering and/or paying by mail, please fill out your contact information, and send the fee, registration form and waiver at least two weeks before class start date. Cost is $150.00 for NRA Basic and Personal Protection in the Home courses, $120.00  for 1st Steps orientations, and $60.00 for Home Safety courses and re-qualifications. For info on private classes, call 219-940-9669 or email Ron.McCullough@advancedarmored.com.
Those interested in any of the Concealed Carry Permits and have their own firearm, please let us know in advance that you are bringing your firearm with you. The  Illinois Concealed Carry Permit requires 16 hours of firearm training. You are also eligible to apply for the Arizona and Florida Concealed Carry applications after training.




Note:  All classes start on time!!! Please arrive a few minutes early to sign in before class begins.
State of Illinois 40 Hour Armed Training and Re-qualifications
 The 1st 20 hour basic security class (unarmed) cost $150.00. This includes P.E.R.C cost for security officers ($55, payable to State of Illinois); and classroom training. Class cost for next 20 hours (firearm training) is $100.00 and covers range, targets, hearing and eye protection, and cost for firearm qualification for revolver. Cost is $50.00 per additional qualification (semi-auto, shotgun or rifle). Re-qualifications are $50.00 for 1st firearm, and $50.00 per additional qualification. This does not include ammo. Range fees are included. Firearms can be supplied for an additional charge. Current FOID cards are mandatory for re-qualifications.
Call for special times and dates for groups. Group rates are available.